• Julius Santiago

    UX/UI Designer

  • Who I Am

    UX Designer for EdCast, an online learning platform for web, Android, and iOS.


    UI/UX is somewhere in the middle of game design and art and engineering. It combines a little of everything. At the start of a feature I work with all the teams to make sure they have the information they need. From there my tasks range from making wireframes and player flows for specs, finding optimization solutions for art, and of course solving the random mysteries that arise from dealing with Unity3D and ngui.

  • Recent Work

    Video captures of my recent work at nWay

    Main Menu UI

    A look at the main features of the ChronoBlade UI: quest system, skills system, store and inventory.

    Combat Gameplay

    A boss zone with Map UI,, combat UI and end zone UI


    nWay Inc.

    Senior UI/UX Designer 

    Apr 2013 – FEB 2016

    Worked on the Design to team to help develop and implement features. Created Player Flows and Wireframes along with Systems and Level Designers. Converted the existing game from a Facebook based platform to iOS and Android. Launched in Korea and China. Top 10 in App Stores.



    Lead UI Designer

    JUL 2011 - APR 2013

    Joined the #1 Facebook game CityVille to design and implement new features as well as improve current systems. Also worked with ChefVille and unreleased mobile title.

    Disney Interactive (Playdom)

    UI Designer

    NOV 2010 - JULY 2011

    Recreated Facebook social titles for the iPhone/iPad platform. Worked on converting City of Wonder to a smaller iPhone size. Also created early mocks for the Gardens of Time game for iPad. 

    EA Sports

    INTERFACE Designer

    SEP 2004 - NOV 2009

    Designed and implemented menus of the #1 Sports Franchise in the world for PS3 and Xbox 360. EA Tiburon Sharkies Award recipient for Contribution to Studio Culture (we made a friggin ball pit!).


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